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Patch Note

Patch Note - June 27th


From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4. 

We’re excited to share the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th, 2023.

[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. Max Skill Tier expanded

- Unlock new dimensions of power with Tier 11 and 12 skills, empowered by the profound knowledge held within Esoteric Tomes.

- New material for Skill Tier advancement ‘Esoteric Tome’ will be added.

2. Class Skill - Issue Fixes

- Tier 1 ~ 10 skills of each classes' descriptions and effects will be fixed to implement its original intention

[June 27th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ Skill

● Skill Tier 11 and Tier 12

- Esoteric Tome(s) of certain skills will be required to advance the skill to Tier 11 or Tier 12.
- Esoteric Tome can be obtained by crafting.

- Esoteric Tome is craftable from NPC in ‘Supreme Martial Hall’ located in Spiritual Center.

▶ Crafting NPC for Each class

Crafting NPC
<Great Warrior>  Warrior God of Celestial Sword Baeksang
<Great Taoist>  Divine Sword Empress Sunmyeong
<Great Sorcerer>  Celestial Soul of Aery Sword Jian
<Great Lancer>  Lancer God of Flying Dragon Amcheon
<Great Arbalist> Savior Prodigy Arin
<Great Darkist>  Virtuoso of Dark Sky Sawol

▶ Crafting Manual

Required Material
Required Resources
Legendary Skill Tome of the Targeted Skill1
Legendary White Dragon Essence10
Legendary Black Dragon Essence
Epic Azureum Mineral Fluid or Epic Eternal Panax (Depending on the skill you advance)

※ Please be sure to check the requirements (Epic Azureum Fluid or Epic Eternal Snow Panax) for crafting Esoteric Tome.

※ When failed, you can obtain Divine Dragon’s Blue Dragon Statue Box, and the quantity obtained varies depending on the type of Esoteric Tome.

▶ Skill Enhancement

Enhancement TierRequired Material
Required Currency
Tier 10 →  Tier 11
Legendary Esoteric Tome x1

50,000,000 Copper

10,000,000 Energy

Tier 11 → Tier 12
Legendary Esoteric Tome  x3

100,000,000 Copper

20,000,000 Energy

Tier 10 →  Tier 11
Legendary Esoteric Tome x2

100,000,000 Copper

25,000,000 Energy

Tier 11 → Tier 12
Legendary Esoteric Tome x5

200,000,000 Copper

50,000,000 Energy

▶ Skill Description Fixes

Fixed the description where the skill damage values described lesser than the inflicted damage in real circumstance.
Rampant (Tier 10)
Pre-Change: Gains extra buffs when used while silenced
Post-Change: Gains extra buffs when dealing damage using the Rampant in silence
Void Slash (Tier 8~10)
Pre-Change: Knockdown RES Chance +%
Post-Change: PvP Knockdown RES Chance +%
LancerDragon Tail
Fixed the description where the skill damage values described lesser than the inflicted damage in real circumstance.
Absorption (Tier 5~10)

Pre-Change: Monster/Character's ALL DMG Reduction - %

Post-Change: Monster/Character's ALL DMG Reduction - % (Except for Boss Monster)

※ The fixes are implemented to skill description only, no changes applied to its effect.

▶ Skill Effect Fixes

WarriorDragon Flame(Tier 5~10)
Fixed the issue where character does not knock down by final attack.
Gale Slash(Tier 8~10)
Fixed the issue where Bash Attack was not inflicted to the Quelled target.
SorcererDark Voltex
Fixed the issue where the effect of final blow 'Character Knock Down Chance+10% was not implemented.
Tai Chi
Fixed the issue where the real damage dealt by the skill was lower than its description
Rain of Blades (Tier 8~10)
Fixed the issue where the Bash Attack was not implemented for the first and third strike to the target which is confused or chilled.
Dragon Tail
Fixed the issue where the Skill ATK DMG Boost against monster was not implemented.
Ravaging Blow (Tier 5~10)
Fixed the issue where the Skill ATK DMG Boost against monster was not implemented.
Summon Craveling (Tier 10)
Fixed the issue where the Soul Wound effect was implemented to monster.
Annihilation (Tier 8~10)
Fixed the issue where the chance to occur the Delayed Explosion was implemented lower than description.

※ The fixes are implemented to the skill effect.

■ Event

● Mirage Ship Celebration Summon Ticket Discount Ends

- The discount implemented on products that can be purchased by copper will be removed and reverted back to the original pricing.

■ Character

● New Customize Option for Arbalist

- ‘Hide Left Hand Weapon’ feature will be added to reveal the Back Ornament which is hidden by your equipped weapon in the Preview windows.

- The feature can be used upon equipping a Back Ornament or not setting the option ‘Hiding Back Ornament’

- Only Arbalist can use the ‘Hide Left Hand Weapon’ feature, and it will not be implemented in the non-combat circumstance.

■ Portal

● Portal Duration Recharging Method Improved

- When charging the duration with Gold through the ‘+’ button in the Magic Square or Secret Peak, a confirmation window will show up.

■ Raid

● Clear Reward of some Raid/Boss Raid Changes

- Uncommon Support Box will be excluded from various Raid or Boss Raid Clear Rewards in order to make it easier to obtain Rare Support Box.

- Excluded Rewards: Uncommon Spirit Treasure Support Box, Uncommon Magic Stone Support Box.

- Targeted Raid: Crimson Dragon Nest, Hidden Altar, Sabuk Execution Ground, Vipergeist Prison, Forgotten Arena

- Targeted Boss Raid: Deranged Hellbound Revenant, Ghostly Bogey, Claydon GEN, Heavenly Asura, Nefariox Celestial Overlord

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements

1. Fixed the issue where the movement for the monster ‘Boundless Destroyer/Flourisher Demon’ during combat seemed unnatural.

2. Fixed the issue where buttons would not function properly after the message, ‘Not enough materials’ was displayed upon attempting to use the Dragon Forge with the necessary materials locked.

3. Fixed the issue where the character moves to another space when monsters do not exist upon taking a specific mission by ‘Auto-Mission’ feature.

4. Dragon Oil of Blessing will now need to be added manually from the inventory when applying it to your Dragon Artifact Enhancement.