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WEMIX PLAY & PLAY Wallet Updated

We are excited to inform you that WEMIX PLAY and PLAY Wallet have been updated!

WEMIX PLAY, a massive blockchain game platform supporting the game’s Web3 transformation, is building a brand new economy ever imagined by unifying game, tokenomics, GameFi, and community.

As a part of its expansion of the ecosystem, WEMIX PLAY is opening a brand new NFT service along with the optimization update!

In the NFT service, you will find new NFTs in the upcoming Drops and Marketplace, providing expanded NFT experience through dynamic and lively NFT trades and exchanges between users.

The PLAY Wallet will be supporting mainnet based NFTs to synchronize with the NFT service and PoET(Proof of Ecological Transaction) feature has been added to provide convenient service.

Find out more about the update with the details below.

[Update Details]


1. NFT Service Open

• NFT page has been newly launched in the WEMIX PLAY!

In the NFT page, you can find Featured NFT, Marketplace, Drops, and My NFT menu.

※ Above image is a sample image provided for reference only.

> Featured NFT

• You can find collections of new or recommended NFTs, or NFTs that have the highest trade volume.

> Marketplace

• You can find a list of NFT collections or register, sell your own NFTs in the new marketplace.

• New features are added such as bidding of NFTs in English Auctions, or proposing a price to another user’s NFT that is currently used in the game.

• NFT Bidding: When a seller sets a starting price to sell their NFT, the buyer can put in a bid to purchase the NFT.

• NFT Price Proposal: In the marketplace, you can also find NFTs used in-game that are not on sale and send a price proposal to the NFT holder to sell their NFTs. You can purchase the NFT if the holder accepts the proposal.

※ When the NFT trade is made as the NFT holder accepts the proposal, please be sure to check the NFT product information before purchasing it.

※ For detailed guide of the marketplace, please refer to the User Guide(

> Drops

• Collections of in-game trophies and special event NFTs can be found and each collection can be bought in English auction method within a given period of time.

> My NFT

• In My NFT page, you can manage buy and sell of bid or proposed NFTs by checking your auction histories, sale status, owned and favorite NFTs.

• You have to log in with your PLAY Wallet to use the service.


• Gas fee may be charged with send, exchange, buy, sell, withdraw sale of your NFT.

• Gas fee may be charged with bidding NFT for purchase, or proposing price for NFT that is not on sale.

• Gas and service fee may be charged when accepting NFT price proposals.

• Unsuccessful bids can be refunded.

• Proposed price can be refunded when the proposal is declined or canceled.

• Gas and service fee may be charged when collecting successful bids.

• Please be aware of other service fees and gas fees when using the service.

2. WEMIX PLAY Optimization

• WEMIX PLAY optimization has taken place to offer a pleasant service environment.

▶ PLAY Wallet

1. Mainnet NFT Support

• Along with the opening of the new marketplace, PLAY Wallet will be supporting WEMIX3.0 mainnet NFTs.

• You can only cancel your selling NFT or collect sold NFTs of previous NFT marketplace.

• Please go to the new marketplace for trading NFTs.

※ Mainnet based NFTs are supported only in AOS version.

2. PoET Reward Service

※ Above image is a sample image provided for reference only.

• You can now check your accumulated PoET rewards in the PLAY Wallet main page and claim the reward directly.

• The PoET reward tab has been added in the Settings.

※ Gas fee may occur when claiming PoET reward.

3. Biometrics Authentication

※ Biometrics Authentication feature will be added with further update.

[Update Schedule]

• Sep. 22nd, 2023 00:00 (GMT+9): WEMIX PLAY Optimization

• Sep. 22nd, 2023 21:30 (GMT+9): WEMIX PLAY & PLAY Wallet Update

[Update Platforms]


Google Play Store: Download Link

Apple App Store: Download Link

[Other Notices]

• PLAY Wallet App's new version can be updated at the Store.

• Update time for the Store may vary by country.

• If the store update does not proceed, please delete the Store app's cache and try again.

Thank you.