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Manuals for the Mainnet NFT conversion and Marketplace

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4 

Greetings, This is MIR4.

We are here to inform you how to convert your used NFT character to the Mainnet NFT after the implementation of the WEMIX PLAY & PLAY Wallet Update.

Please be aware that you cannot register any items for sale on the new NFT MARKETPLACE if your NFT is not based on the Mainnet NFT, so carefully check the guidelines attached below for your smooth NFT MARKETPLACE use.

[Basic Information]

1. Terminology

■ Tornado Chain 

- A chain of tokens that contains MIR4 NFT; a new creation of NFTs and HYDRA/DRACO tokens will follow the Tornado Chain form.

■ Mainnet Chain 

- A driving force network of the blockchain ecosystem where you can use various services such as Marketplace, DAO, and De-Fi by converting NFT of WEMIX Mainnet through the Chain.

■ NFT Conversion 

- The chain of your NFT will change based on your needs (E.g From Tornado to Mainnet / From Mainnet to Tornado)

※  You need to convert (bridge) the Mainnet NFT to Tornado for gaming service.

■ Marketplace 

- A market system, updated on September 22nd, enabling the trading of all NFT(based on Mainnet) serviced games or Blockchain services onboarded on WEMIX.

■ Marketplace (BETA)

- Marketplace where the Tornado Chain-based NFT can be registered for sale.

※ Upon registering the Tornado NFT using WEMIX PLAY, you will be automatically linked to this website.


[NFT Types and Personalities]

TypeTornado Chain  → Mainnet
Mainnet → Tornado Chain
Commission Fee
Gas Fee
NFT must be under Mainnet Chain upon registering for sale on the Marketplace of WEMIX PLAY
NFT must be under Tornado Chain for gaming service.

[How to convert NFT]

① Click and access the detailed website of NFT you want to convert.

② Choose 'NFT Conversion' menu from the category.

※ The conversion will be categorized into 2 types, and the conversion will proceed with the current status of the targeting NFT.

(1. Converting from Tornado Chain to Mainnet Chain)

(2. Converting from Mainnet Chain to Tornado Chain)

[Conversion Method for Mainnet NFT]

■ Converting from Tornado Chain to Mainnet Chain (referred to as MIR4 NFT Conversion)

① Notification message will be displayed upon clicking the ‘NFT Conversion Menu’.

② You can view detailed notification message to convert the chain of NFT you currently own.

③ Upon pressing the ‘Convert’ button, the conversion will be initiated, followed by a signing process.

④ Upon a successful conversion, the Success notification will be displayed along with the gas and commission fee payment request.

⑤ Upon failure, the ‘Conversion Failed’ message will be displayed. 

 ● No commission or gas fee will be required for conversion from Tornado to Mainnet.

 ● A gas fee will be required for conversion from Mainnet to Tornado. (Free Commission fee) 

※ Your NFT conversion will fail if any errors or shortages occur in your payment for the commission fee or price you have input.

[How to view my NFT Wrapping Status]

① Click and access the detailed page of your desired NFT.

② Check the Wrapping Status in Details.

    ● Wrapped for: Mainnet Chain basis

    ● Unwrapped for: Tornado Chain basis

[Marketplace Details] 

■ WEMIX PLAY Marketplace

- A market system enabling the trading of all NFT serviced games or Blockchain services onboarded on WEMIX.


Chain Targeted

WEMIX Mainnet

- You need to convert Tornado or PLAY chain NFT to the Mainnet for selling in the Marketplace.

- For gaming use, Mainnet NFT must be converted back to its original chain as Tornado or PLAY chain. (referred as Game Chain)

Transaction Method (Auction)

'English Auction’

- Buyer who calls the highest bids will take the targeting NFT in NFT Auction

※ The selling price will not be fixed in specific, and the tradings can only be completed by buyer’s offer and Seller’s approval through the auction.  

Minimum selling price
0.1 WEMIX$
Token and Gas fee types

- Token: WEMIX$

- Gas Fee: WEMIX

Cancellation of Registration

- Your bid will be awarded if no additional bids have been input within the Seller's scheduled period after bidding the highest price.

※ Default hours will be set as 3 hours

※ Cancellation will not be proceed-able once the bid is made.

Gas fee and Commission (WEMIX)

- Commission Fee: Gas fee per transaction will be required. 

- Commission fee will be charged upon completion of any trading. 


※ Transferring MIR4 NFT between wallets is restricted, and the NFT can only be transferred through the trade made from Marketplace and Marketplace (BETA).

[MIR4 NFT Precautions]

1. The [Offer] feature in WEMIX PLAY will not be available for MIR4 NFT.

2. Transferring MIR4 NFT between wallets is restricted.

3. For trading, the NFT must be traded through the Marketplace as Mainnet, or through the Marketplace(BETA) as Tornado.

4. NFT cannot be registered for sale through the PLAY Wallet application.

※ Precautions referred to above will be implemented when this announcement is released. 

Face the new NFT through the newly opened marketplace and experience the active NFT tradings and exchanges! 

Thank you.