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Divine Dragon’s Blessing

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4.

Greetings, This is MIR4.

We prepared the event: ‘Divine Dragon’s Blessing’! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to obtain Divine Dragon’s Blessings through the ‘Lunar Feast Celebration MIR's 14-Day Check-in’ event and the in-game store!

Please refer to the information below for further details.

■ Event Period

- February 6th Update ~ March 4th 23:59 (UTC+8)

■ Event Details

- You can participate in this event from [Divine Dragon's Blessing] in the event tab, Fire-Cracker Shaped icon.

- The ‘Divine Dragon’s Blessing’ item is obtainable through Lunar Feast Celebration MIR's 14-Day Check-in, and through purchasing ‘Holiday Limited: Divine Dragon’s Blessing’.

- You can summon 1 of the Dragon Sphere/Dragon Eye/Dragon Claw/Dragon Scale/Dragon Leather/Dragon Horn/Skill Tome/Spirit Stone with the downgraded item or that of the highest grade that you have failed on combining before.

- Event rewards can be claimed from the Fire-Cracker shaped icon located at the top left of the screen.

※ ‘Divine Dragon's Blessing’ Tickets will be deleted after the event is over.

■ Event Criteria

- If there are no combination failure attempts on a certain item, ‘Rare Restoration Box’ will automatically be displayed.

■ Procedure

1. After accessing the game, click the event menu (Fire-Cracker-shaped icon on the top left corner).

2. Choose 1 box that you want to claim (Dragon Sphere/Dragon Eye/Dragon Claw/Dragon Scale/Dragon Leather/Dragon Horn/Spirit Stone/Skill Tome Restoration Box) from the Divine Dragon's Blessing event screen and click [Select] button on the bottom.

※ Please be cautious in choosing the box since you may only select/claim 1 box. (Not just 1 box from each categories but for just 1 box from the whole categories)

※ Divine Dragon's Blessing item will automatically disappear after participating the event.

Ex) Highest failure combination attempt for Dragon Scale/Dragon Leather/Dragon Horn is Rare → Epic 

Highest failure combination attempt for Spirit Stone is Epic → Legendary 

Highest failure combination attempt for Skill Tome is Rare → Epic 

You can choose 1 from [Epic Dragon Scale Restoration Box/Epic Dragon Leather Restoration Box/Epic Dragon Horn Restoration Box/Legendary Spirit Stone Restoration Box/Epic Skill Tome Restoration Box].

3. Think once more if the box that you selected is what you really want and won't regret before clicking [Confirm] button.

※ You will never be able to turn it back once you press the Confirm button.

4. Find the Restoration Box from the bag(inventory) and press [Use] button.

※ If you use the Restoration Box that you claimed, you will be able to earn 1 item that has the same/lower grade as the box as a reward. The chance to earn an item that has the same grade as the box is the same as the chance of the combination success of that grade. 

Ex) You will be able to earn 1 Rare or Epic grade Dragon Scale if you use Epic Dragon Scale Restoration Box.

Thank you.