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End of MIR4’s Mainnet Exchange Service

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

As mentioned in the announcement attached, [Private Key Distribution Update] by PLAY Wallet will be scheduled on March, 2024.

Considering the influences affecting the entire field of MIR4's gaming environment by this upcoming update, we pre-announce that Exchange Service to Mainnet from the Tornado Chain will be closed.

[MIR4 NFT: Tornado Chain and Mainnet Chain] 

MIR4 NFT is a subnet (=side chain) optimized for Blockchain game service titled Tornado Chain.

You must convert your NFT from Tornado Chain to the Mainnet Chain to utilize the WEMIX PLAY NFT service based on the WEMIX 3.0 Mainnet. After transactions, there will be an inconvenience of having to re-convert the chain to the Tornado property to use the gaming service.

Further, it is available for transferring NFT to decentralized wallets other than PLAY Wallet when the private key is provided.

Regarding every external or internal factor that directly or indirectly affects the game services including combat circumstances, environments, and XDRACO services, MIR4's Mainnet-based exchange service and Marketplace will no longer be operated to defend against this difficulty.

Please carefully read all the details referred to below to avoid any misunderstandings for your smooth gameplay.

■ WEMIX PLAY Changes - Scheduled on March 7th

1. Restricting the Exchange of MIR4 NFTs from Tornado Chain to the Mainnet

- NFT Exchange Service (From Tornado to Mainnet) will be restricted through the March 7th WEMIX PLAY update.

- The Gas fee for converting Mainnet NFT to the Tornado Chain will get paid by MIR4 - CONVERT the Mainnet NFT to Tornado Chain after March 7th WEMIX PLAY Update.

※ As the WEMIX PLAY Marketplace for MIR4 will be restricted, please refrain from converting before March 7th.

2. WEMIX PLAY Marketplace Restricted for MIR4 NFT

- The given feature 'Place Bid' for MIR4 NFT will be restricted after the March 7th Update.

Since we have officially launched to 170 global countries on August 26th, 2021, MIR4 has performed with endless support and cheerings from Dragonians as the World-Class P&E (Play and Earn) MMORPG built out of MIRAGE and EXD, DSP, and the Character NFT by XDRACO.

Regardless of the MIR4 Mainnet Closing, all blockchain-related content will still be serviced to Dragonians in XDRACO.

From henceforth, MIR4 will commit to pursuing the high standards as the World-Class Play and Earn game for players with incomparable excitement and innovative Tokenomics.

Thank you.