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Osher's Miraculous Fortune II


From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4.

Greetings, This is MIR4.

Osher is at it again with yet another miraculous fortune! This time, she’s giving out various products in the Shop for 500 Copper and will increase the resources you donate at your Clan Warehouse by 5 times during the event period!

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity and Osher’s generosity!

For more details about the event, please refer to the information provided below.

■ Event Period

- May 28th, 2024 Update ~ June 11th, 2024 Update

■ Event Details

- During the event period, 9 products in the ‘Shop > Common Product > Summon’ tab will be available for 500 Copper.

- If you donate resources at the Clan Warehouse during the event period, the amount of Clan Coin earned will be increased by 5 times.

■ Copper Product Event Information

- The following 9 products will be reduced to 500 Copper during the event period: ‘Dragon Material Summon I,II,III, Spirit Stone Summon I,II,III, Skill Tome Summon I,II,III’.

■ Clan Resources Event Information

Resource Type
Current Exchange Rate
Adjusted Exchange Rate
Copper100 Copper 10 Clan Coins100 Copper 50 Clan Coins
Darksteel50 Darksteel 10 Clan Coins50 Darksteel 50 Clan Coins
Energy50 Energy 10 Clan Coins50 Energy 50 Clan Coins
Gold5 Gold 10 Clan Coins5 Gold 50 Clan Coins

■ Event Notes

- Any changes to the price will be restored to their original state once the event ends.

Thank you.