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[Director’s Commentary] The Future of MIR4

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings to all Dragonians of MIR4.

We would like to send our deepest gratitude towards all Dragonians that showed us so much love throughout the 3 years with MIR4. 

We would like to discuss the future of MIR4 and share with Dragonians our main focus when we are developing, as we have last year. Through this notice, we plan to explain to Dragonians our Development Goals and other key developments planned for the second half of 2024.

1. An Encounter with the Unknown: The Island of the Sky, Prajna

To satiate Dragonians’ thirst for challenge and adventure, we continuously updated content and expanded the peak floors of ‘Magic Square’, ‘Secret Peak,’, ‘Tower of Black Dragon’, and added new Mirage Ship Episodes. However, with the high expectations Dragonians must have, we seem to have not hit the mark when it comes to exciting Dragonians with new content. Therefore, we are currently reviewing and making various examinations to create a new area where you can meet and engage in combat with Dragonians of the Korean Server!

  • The Island of the Sky, Prajna
    Although there may be difficulties merging and creating a field area and battlefield due to the system, in-game balance, the different time zones, and other differences in policies of the Global version and Korean version- we began brainstorming for ideas and solutions and we have listed some below.

    - The King Clan of each Region of the Global service can compete with each other, including the Korean Service to compete in a singular World Capture Content.
    - MIR4 users all around the world can play cooperatively or in competition with each other in the new area: [The Island of the Sky, Prajna].

  • Expand Mirage Ship Episode- 7~10 and Tower of Black Dragon
    The story of the Mirage Ship is reaching its peak! We plan to continue to update Mirage Ship episodes.

    The Tower of Black Dragon has been designed to have representative users of each server to participate and are free to cooperate or compete with other users through this content. However we are aware that the level requirement for each floor and the efficiency of the tower is causing a small number of users to take all the rewards for himself/herself, and is also causing a very stagnant combat experience, and we are constantly considering and analyzing how we can improve the experience.

    As part of a means to improve the Tower of Black Dragon Content, we plan to expand above the current 4th floor of the Tower, and we plan to make some changes on entry requirements and gameplay mechanics.

2. An Arena for Clan Battles: Clan Wars

The core of MIR4’s gameplay and community roots from the ‘Clan’ content. We are aware that due to our prolonged service, participating online users have decreased and the fatigue of War content has become rather high. Additionally, Clan communities are currently operated with a variety of specific goals, such as high and medium ranked Clans that Captures and occupies the Valley and the Castle and sub-character Clans that focus on mining and obtaining other resources. 

Due to this, we plan to prepare [Clan Wars] content. With this, we hope to create for Clans and Clan members a reason and a new goal to cooperate among each other.

  • Clan Wars
    [Clan Wars] will take place where Clans of all servers will be pitted against each other in a round of 32. It will take place in between Sabuk Clash Seasons, after a Clan wins and becomes an emperor.
    Rather than using a complex game mechanic with high stakes at hand, Clan Wars’ design in development will be differentiated by making this content centered around cooperation and collaboration, making it purely an area where clans can duel against each other, with a lighter burden to bear.
    Clan members will once again be able to feel the electrifying bellows that call for war!

  • Sparring Arena
    We plan to update a Sparring Arena where you can head into a 5 vs 5, 15 vs 15 combat to determine the winner. You can create a Sparring Arena just as you can create a Raid and match up with other Dragonians.
    We hope this could be a chance for Clans to share combat skills, to communicate with one another, and a chance to start competitions and Live Streams! 

3. A Mythic Generation! New Challenges and Item Value Preservation

As our service has prolonged for some time, Dragonians that reached their peak in combat finesse have started to appear. Due to this, even war is a menial and mundane task for the strongest Dragonian. We plan to grant these Dragonians with a new goal and new visions to reach for.

We will continue to periodically update the Growth System, while also making sure to prioritize quality when providing expansions. We plan to grant new horizons of growth while also maintaining the value of items.

  • Divine Ascension
    A new Character growth system [Divine Ascension] is planned to be Updated.
    [Divine Ascension] will be unlocked once reaching a certain stage of Solitude Training. [Heaven, Earth, Unity, Singularity] tabs will be unlocked and can be enhanced through opening the selected acupoints. 

  • Black Dragon’s Artifact / White Dragon’s Artifact
    New Dragon Artifacts: ‘Black Dragon’s Artifact’ / ‘White Dragon’s Artifact’ will be added. The standard Dragon Artifact Item can be transformed into [Black Dragon’s Artifact / White Dragon’s Artifact].
    Currently, Dragon Artifacts are rather difficult to craft. We are aware of the limitations brought around by the high possibility of destruction caused by enhancement failure, leading to the tendency to prefer enhancing with Divine Dragon’s Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stones.
    In order to improve this, we plan to increase the chances of enhancement using the Dragon Artifact, and remove chances of destruction when enhancing a Dragon Artifact that has been transformed into a [Black Dragon’s Artifact / White Dragon’s Artifact].
    Experience the sheer power and stat boosts the [Black Dragon’s Artifact / White Dragon’s Artifact] grants Dragonians with the addition of improved enhancement chances, through the Transform System.

  • Descent of the Divine Dragon
    New content [Descent of the Divine Dragon] will be added.
    You will be able to wield the power of the Divine Dragon, with the magic of Dragon Materials, and Divine Dragon’s Magical Stones.  
    Obtain a variety of stat boosts with the power of the Divine Dragon!

  • Mythic Gear / Mythic Spirits
    Mythic Graded Gear and Spirits are planned to be added in the future.
    Mythic Grade items will consist of stats that are stronger than items that have been Dragon Forged and enhanced. We will also meticulously design these new items as to not cause any damage or degradation to the standard items currently being used and maintain their value.  
    Mythic Grade Items will be differentiated from standard items by granting users with new skills that will grant a new variable to the combat of MIR4.

We have shared with you our development plans and goals for future updates. We are truly grateful to Dragonians for showing so much love to MIR4. We will provide you with more details through Patch Notes when the updates mentioned in this notice gets updated into the game.

We hope you are excited for the long journey we have ahead of us, and we hope that Dragonians will continue to cheer us on as we develop new content into our service.

The MIR4 Development Team will do our best as we always have.

Thank you.

Sincerely, the MIR4 Development Team