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Piggio's Happy Recharge

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4.

Greetings, This is MIR4. 

We have prepared the event: ‘Piggio's Happy Recharge’, where you can get special rewards from purchasing a variety of products that additionally offer Gold and get special items as a reward.

Please refer to the information below for further details.

■ Event Period

- June 11th Update ~ July 8th 23:59 (UTC+8)

■ Event Details

- During the event period, Gold is accumulated from paid products purchased in the in-game store.

- A special item can be obtained every time Gold accumulated reaches certain amounts.

- Event rewards can be claimed from the fire-cracker shaped icon located at the top left of the windows.

■ Rewards

Gold accumulated
250Legendary Hunting Potion x5
500Epic Eternal Snow Panax/Azureum Mineral Fluid Selection Box x5
1,500Epic Noirsoul Herb x3
5,000Exchange Ticket Fragment x180
10,000Epic Magic Stone/Spirit Treasure Selection Box x1
15,000Magic Stone/Spirit Treasure Summon Ticket Selection Box x300
20,000Epic Dragon Material Selection Box x1
30,000Spirit Stone Summon Ticket x300
40,000Epic Spirit Stone Selection Box x1
50,000Skill Tome Summon Ticket x300
60,000Epic Skill Tome Selection Box x1
Completion reward
Legendary Mystical Piece Coffer x1

※ You can participate in this event once per character, and all items obtained from the box cannot be traded.

※ Completion reward can be obtained after Gold accumulated reaches all requirements.

※ Paid products that are purchased can be collected in ‘Storage’. Once the purchased product is retrieved from the ‘Storage’, the Gold accumulated amount gets updated. Note that once the paid product is retrieved from ‘Storage’, it can not be canceled or refunded.

※ Please be notified that gold received by the Gift feature does not count for the accumulation in Piggio's Happy Recharge event, and it will be functioned the same for the Gold Accumulated of a player sending the gift.

Thank you.