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Patch Note

Patch Note - July 9th


From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

We’re excited to share the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, July 9th, 2024.

◈Update Summary◈

1. Spooky and Chilly Exorcism Log Events

- The blazing summer is here again, but fear not, Dragonians! We've prepared three thrillingly cool events to help you beat the heat.

2. ‘Dragonians' Spirits, the Chosen Companions!’ Community Events

- Show off your favorite Spirits in two new community events!

3. Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge Event 

- The challenge continues with the Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge event! Don’t miss this opportunity for a chance to obtain a Legendary Spirit Treasure!

4. New ‘Spirit Portrait Collection’ Event

- Earn special rewards with the new ‘Spirit Portrait Collection’ event by collecting ‘Spirit Portraits’!

- With the addition of the new ‘Spirit Portrait Collection’ event, the previously ongoing ‘Portrait Collection’ event will be changed.

5. New Legendary Party Leader Spirit: ‘Diviner Octy’

- Make waves with ‘Diviner Octy’, the stellar new party leader Spirit that conjures an all DMG reduction spell for your party when you attack!

6. Max Enhancement Increased for Legendary Grade Equipment and Dragon Artifacts

- Legendary Equipment and Dragon Artifacts have shattered their limits, reaching unprecedented power levels!

[July 9th Patch Note Details]

■ Events

1. Spooky and Chilly Exorcism Log (3 Events)

- Spooky 7-Day Check-in Event

- Clan Coin Exchange Shop

- Spooky and Chilly! Operation Eradicate Monsters Event

※ Please refer to [Spooky and Chilly Exorcism Log Event Round-up] for further details.

2. ‘Dragonians' Spirits, the Chosen Companions!’ Community Event (2 Events)

- Strongest Spirit Deck Event

- Your Best Spirit Event

※ Please refer to [Dragonians' Spirits, the Chosen Companions!] for further details.

3. Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge Event 

※ Please refer to [Legendary Spirit Treasure Challenge Event] for further details.

4. New ‘Spirit Portrait Collection’ Event

- A new ‘Spirit Portrait Collection’ event will be added where you can collect all types of ‘Spirit Portraits’ and exchange them for special items.

- With the addition of the 'Spirit Portrait Collection' event, the name of the existing 'Portrait Collection' event will be changed to the 'NPC Portrait Collection' event. From July 15th, the 'Spirit Portrait Collection' event and the 'NPC Portrait Collection' event will be held with the events changing alternately once every four weeks.

- The ‘Spirit/NPC Portrait Collection’ event will run for one week.

※ Please refer to [Spirit Portrait Collection Event] notice which will be updated on July 12th for further details.

■ Update Details

1. New Legendary Water Attribute Party Leader Spirit 'Diviner Octy'

- Own Effect: Accuracy 30

Skill Name
Skill Effect
Diviner Octy
Increases Max HP by 2,000, Max MP by 700, PHYS ATK by 90, and Spell ATK by 90.
Abyssal Knowledge
Increases All ATK DMG Boost by 8%, Basic ATK DMG Boost by 15%, Monster ATK DMG Boost by 15%, and PvP DMG Reduction by 15%.
Staff of Prophecy
Increases Debilitation Success Boost by 25%, Lucky Drop Chance Boost by 10%, and Antidemon Power by 10%.
Ominous Land
Upon being hit, there is a 10% chance to summon Ominous Land at your location. Ominous Land reduces nearby enemies' All DMG Reduction by 20% for 8 seconds (cooldown 60 sec).
[Party Leader]
Octy's Prophecy
Upon attacking, increases party members' All DMG Reduction by 15% for 15 seconds (cooldown 60 sec).

2. Diviner Octy Special Summon

- Legendary Party Leader Spirit ‘Diviner Octy’ Special Summon begins!

- Special Summon Period: July 9th, 2024 Update~ August 6th, 2024 Update

3. Max Enhancement for Legendary Grade Equipment and Dragon Artifacts Increased.

- The maximum enhancement stage of Legendary Equipment (Weapon/Armor/Accessory/Secondary Weapon) is increased from Stage 12 to Stage 15. 

- The maximum enhancement stage of Legendary Dragon Artifacts is increased from Stage 7 to Stage 10.

4. New Conditions for Sealing an NFT

- Promotion in Conquest cannot be in progress.

- Tangled Inner Force in Cosmic Harmony or Celestial Cycle cannot be active.

■ Bug Fixes & Gameplay Improvements

1. Improved the tooltip description of Spirit Treasure items that have been transcended to reflect the transcended value.

2. A new Repeatable Achievement category has been added to distinguish between normal achievements and repeatable achievements.

3. Fixed an error where the ‘Safe Interval’ mark remained even if the Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone selected as an enhancement material was removed.

4. Fixed an issue where the EXP gain amount was incorrectly displayed when upgrading another Magical Soul Orb using an upgraded Magical Soul Orb as a material.

5. Fixed various in-game typos.