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Patch Note

Patch Note - October 19th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

Here are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, October 19th, 2021.

[Main Updates]

1. 'Clan Challenge' content will be added.

In Clan Challenge, clan members will face against 5 boss monsters in consecutive order to defeat them within 30 minutes.

Clan members will be rewarded individual rewards for defeating each boss monster and stage level completion rewards for defeating all 5 boss monsters within 30 minutes.

[Time Period]

Every Sunday 00:00 ~ 23:59

※ Schedule will be based on Regional Server Times.


2. Change in Hidden Valley entry requirements

3. New Spirit - [Flame Hellborn Biyoho] 

[October 19th Patch Note details]

1. Clan Challenge

Clan Challenge is a new content where players can choose from 4 stage levels to defeat 5 boss monsters in a set order within 30 minutes.

- Content can be seen from Clan > Clan Info > Expedition tab.

- Clan Challenge becomes available by reaching level 3 in Expedition Technique of Clan Tech and each subsequent stage levels will be opened at levels 5/7/8 of Expedition Technique.

- Completion rewards for defeating each boss monster will be sent to the mailbox and the Clan Challenge will end once all 5 summoned boss monsters have been defeated.

- Maximum of 50 players can join, and all of the bosses will have to be defeated within 30 minutes to succeed in the challenge.

[Check out for more information in our Game Encyclopedia]

Time Period : Every Sunday 00:00 ~ 11:59 pm

※ Schedule will be based on Regional Server Times.


2. Improvement in Clan features

- Clan leader or elders with the 'Finance' role of a clan occupying one of the Hidden Valleys will be able to distribute Darksteel stored in the Hidden Valley and Bicheon Castle territory storage directly to individual users.

- Clan Gold Donation will be changed to be accessible to users above level 40.

3. New Spirit

New Spirit 'Flame Hellborn Biyoho' will be added.

- Type : Fire Spirit

- Summon Effect : 20 PHYS DEF


- [Shadow of Nightmare] Increases 300 MP, 100 CRIT, 20% CRIT ATK DMG.

- [Bewitchment] Increases 15% Hunting EXP, 15% Item Drop Rate and reduces Skill MP Cost by 5%

- [Burning Kiss] 10% chance to deal 100% of PHYS ATK and 100% of Spell ATK as damage to nearby enemies. (Cooldown 25 sec)

4. Product Change on Steam

Some of the products will be discontinued in the Steam version.

7 products will be added in the Steam version.

- Special Summon: Dragon's Scale/Dragon's Leather/Dragon's Horn/Spirit Stone/Skill Tome

- Ancient Coin Package III, Ancient Coin Package IV

5. Hidden Valley Requirement Changes

Hidden Valley access requirements will be modified to provide a better gaming environment.


    Hidden Valley

    Requirements for entry

    Bicheon Valley(2~4F)

    Conquest - Holy Shrine Stage 3

    Snake Valley(1~4F)

    Conquest - Portal Stage 6

    Redmoon Valley(1-4F)

    Character Level 75

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6. In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements

- A new Auto-Enchant system will be available to users over level 40. 

- Party and Raid invite feature will be added to the Chat system.

- Fixed the issue of 'Ticket is missing' message not showing up after trying to join the Raid/Boss Raid while already in a different party.

- Fixed the issue of active 'Evade' being used in a stationary position.

- Mail with an unlimited period after receiving the item will be deleted in a lump(Before October 1st)

- In-game UI and Tooltip improvements.