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Patch Note

Patch Note - Apr. 19th

From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

These are the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, April 19th, 2022.

[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New content : Altar of Darkness

- Destroy or protect the Altar of Darkness, which is summoned on each Valley 4F every day, from 21:00 to 22:00.

2. Additional Class Skill Rebalancing

- As we have announced, changes to some skill damages of 2 classes will be made to correctly realign the overall balance and minimize the balance gap between classes.

3. New Spirit : Radiance Dragon Mir

- Epic Light Spirit ‘Radiance Dragon Mir’ will be added.

◈DRACO Updates◈

1. Change on NFT sealing conditions

- NFT characters can now be sealed when the Conquest building is being promoted.

[Apr. 19th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

■ Altar of Darkness

● Altar of Darkness is new competitive content that players can participate in through Expedition. The Natives (Defense) and the Expedition members (Offense) get to commence a war over the Altar of Darkness, which is summoned on each Valley 4F, every day from 21:00 to 22:00.

- Altar of Darkness gets summoned to the center of each Valley 4F. (Icon will be displayed on the minimap)

- Players can participate in this content through Expedition.

● Winning Condition of the battle of Altar of Darkness

- Expedition members (Offense) : Destroy Altar of Darkness summoned on each Valley 4F.

- Natives (Defense) : Protect Altar of Darkness summoned on each Valley 4F.

● How it works

- The battle of the Altar of Darkness divides players into Offense and Defense.

Attack : Expedition members (Players who traveled from other servers through Expedition)

Defense : Natives (Players whose original server is the current server)

- Battle Schedule : Every day, from 21:00 to 22:00 (Based on Regional Server Times)

- The Darksteel mining rate of the Valley will decrease by 20% if the Altar of Darkness is destroyed. The destroyed Altar of Darkness will be resummoned in the same place at 20:00, 3 days after the last destroyed date, and the battle may restart from 21:00.3rd day from the destruction, and the battle may restart from 21:00.

● Status of the Altar

Battle Status
Status of the Altar
Unavailable for Battle
  • - Protected : The altar is unsealed but is currently unavailable to attack.
  • - Sealed : The altar is in sealed status and unattackable.
  • - Summoning : The altar is currently getting resummoned after being destroyed from the previous battle (20% Decreased Darksteel mining rate)
Available for Battle
  • - In battle : The altar is in vulnerable status and is available for battle.

● Rewards of Altar of Darkness Battle

Natives (Defense)
  • - (Success) Protected the Altar : No change in Darksteel mining rate.
  • - (Fail) Failed to protect the Altar (Altar is destroyed) : Reward box(es) can be obtained, but the Darksteel mining rate of the valley will decrease.
Expedition members (Offense)
  • - (Success) Destroyed the Altar : Reward box(es) can be obtained, and the Darksteel mining rate of the valley will decrease.
  • - (Fail) Failed to destroy the Altar : No change in Darksteel mining rate.

※ Please check out [Game Encyclopedia - War < Altar of Darkness] for more details.

■ Skill Balance

● Additional Class Skill Rebalancing will be made.



Increased DMG

260% → 292% on the center

195% → 219% for 3 hits on the periphery


Increased DMG

220% → 255%

Chain Lightning

Increased DMG

170%~340% → 220%~352%

Flame Strike

Increased DMG

180% → 230%


Moonlight Orb

Increased DMG

200% → 235%

Blasting Charm

Increased DMG

204% → 240%

■ Spirit

● Epic Light Spirit  ‘Radiance Dragon Mir’ will be added.

- Passive bonus once summoned : 20 PHYS DEF


Skill Effect
Cintamani Stone

Increases Max HP by 800, PHYS ATK by 80, Spell ATK by 80, and accelerates Energy Gathering Time by 10%.

Harmonious LightIncreases Hunting EXP by 15%, Hunting Copper Gain by 15%, Item Drop Chance by 10%, Lucky Drop Chance by 10%.
Light's BenedictionUpon a hit, there is a 10% chance to recover 9% of Max HP for 3 sec. (Cooldown 42 sec)

■ Territory

● Types and effects of the Mandate in Bicheon Castle will be changed.


Use Count
Hunting Permission10M Darksteel

Hunting EXP + 10%

Hunting Copper Gain + 10%

Drop Chance + 10%

3 Hours1
Gathering Encouragement4M Darksteel

Gathering Speed + 10%

Meditation Speed + 10%

Lucky Drop Chance + 10%

3 Hours1
Protect the Kingdom2M Darksteel

PVP ATK DMG Boost + 5%

PVP DMG Reduction + 5%

3 Hours1

- Expedition members can’t receive the effect(s) of the mandate, even if the mandate is issued on the visiting server.

- ‘Kingdom’ tab will be added in the Mail

- A message will be sent to the Mail when the mandate gets issued, but not when the mandate ends.

■ Content

● Auto-combat range will be automatically adjusted while proceeding with certain contents.

- The Auto-combat range will automatically change into ‘Unlimited’ after entering certain contents, and it will come back to its initial settings that the player has set after the contents end.

Applicable Content

- Raid, Boss Raid, Clan Expedition, Clan Challenge

◈DRACO Updates◈


● Sealing conditions of NFT character will change.

- Previous : NFT character can’t be sealed when the Conquest building is currently being promoted.

- Post-Change: NFT character can be sealed regardless of the promotion status of the Conquest building.

※ Promotion of the Conquest building will not stop even if the NFT character is currently sealed. The remaining promotion time will be deducted during the sealed period and it will finish its promotion if there is no remaining time by the point of unsealing.