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NFT Server & Server Merge : Detailed Announcement

Heading towards the Domination Server update of the 9th chapter of Chronicle, Prelude of Conquest, 6 new NFT servers will open with the merging of certain servers through the scheduled update maintenance on Aug 23rd just as we announced on July 22nd. Here we would like to share the main points and some precautions regarding the issue, including some other details that Dragonians are curious about.

(Please check out our previous notice for the list of merging servers. >>Notice Link<<)

◈ Details of Server Merge ◈

● Server Merge will be done only on the servers previously mentioned in our announcement.

● Server Merge will proceed during the maintenance on Aug 23rd. Players will be able to log in to the new merged server after the maintenance ends.

● There is nothing that Dragonians have to prepare prior to the server merge, while all the basic data accumulated before the server merge maintenance such as character and gameplay data will be transferred to the new server safely.

● However, since the merge is going to be done by moving 2 servers into 1 new server, there will be some data that can not be transferred or will be reset inevitably. Please refer to the list below regarding this matter.

■ Untransferable / Reset Data

● Check out the data that are going to be reset to avoid any confusion.

Main CategorySub Category
Unattackable Clan
Clan History
WarHidden Valley
Bicheon Castle (Castle Siege)
Altar of Darkness
World Boss
MailAccount Mail
ChatsAllied Clans
Private Chat
OtherNew Target
Distribute Resources
Add to Wanted List
Assign Title
Give Prizes
KarmaWanted List
ShopPurchase Count

※ Data that are not on the list are going to be transferred to the merged server, while some data that are not listed on the table may get reset if they are considered as less or non-influential on the gameplay.

■ Content before the Server Merge

● Hidden Valley Capture & Bicheon Castle Siege

 Servers subject to the server merge will have their territory data such as occupation status of each Valley and Bicheon Castle reset on Aug 23rd as they move to a new server. In regard to this, the winning clans of the Hidden Valley Capture (Aug 17th) and the 10th Bicheon Castle Siege (Aug 7th) will have their thrones maintained until Aug 22nd. Please keep these schedules and policies in mind before making a bid to the Castle Siege Auction starting from Aug 4th.

※ Making a bid to the 10th Bicheon Castle Siege will be perceived as consent to the details mentioned above.

● Heist

As the territory data of the Bicheon Castle (Castle Siege) are going to be reset on the servers subject to the server merge on Aug 23rd, [Heist] content will be restricted for 2 weeks (Aug 9th ~ Update Maintenance on Aug 23rd) as the damage obtained by Heist can be carried over.

◈ Details of NFT server ◈

■ Creating characters in NFT server (Load NFT)

NFT server is an exclusive server for the NFT characters. 

● Players have to seal their NFT characters and use [Load NFT] feature in order to move to the NFT server.

    (Some platforms do not support [Load NFT] feature, so please load the character from the platform that supports the feature.)

● If the NFT server becomes [Restricted] status in character creation, loading NFT character will be disabled. Whereas loading NFT character will be possible if there is a NFT character already loaded on the restricted server or if another NFT character exists on the same account.

■ Expedition

● Going on an [Expedition] to another server from the NFT server is possible.

● Going on an [Expedition] to the NFT server from other servers will be disabled for 1 month after the opening of the server.

※ May get extended depending on the server circumstances.

■ Wayfarer Travel

● NFT server is an exclusive server for the NFT characters. Using Wayfarer Travel from the NFT server to transfer to another server is possible but transferring to the NFT server is not possible regardless of the NFT property.

※ Use [Load NFT] feature from the NFT server that you are trying to transfer to after sealing the character if you want to transfer to a NFT server.

Team MIR4 is doing our best to provide dynamic battle experiences and joy through diverse communication with Dragonians since the global launch on Aug 26th, 2021. Taking a step forward from this effort, we are going to ensure the best services are provided to match the advancing MIR4 economic ecosystem and the strong will and effort of Dragonians to obtain supremacy over the server. Please look forward to the Domination server and other content that are going to come soon.

Thank you.