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E.O.S of MIR4 Mainnet (Complete)


From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

As announced by [End of MIR4’s Mainnet Exchange Service], the Private Key Distribution Update of PLAY Wallet has been completed.

Please read all guidelines and changes referred to below for your seamless use.

■ Corresponding Changes with the following WEMIX PLAY Update 


- WEMIX PLAY marketplace use for MIR4 NFT is restricted.

※ Trading or using the Mainnet NFT in the game requires exchanging the NFT from Mainnet to the Tornado Chain.

2. NFT Transaction

- MIR4 NFTs as Tornado Chain can be traded from the Marketplace (BETA).

▶ Marketplace (BETA) - (

[NFT Exchange Guidelines (From Mainnet to Tornado)]

① Select ‘NFT Exchange’ and related notification will be displayed.

② Notification for exchanging owned NFT’s chain will be displayed (Confirming the Exchange)

③ Press Exchange to initiate the action, and a signing process will be required.

④ When succeed, a Pop-up notifying your success will be displayed with the Gas-Fee message 

⑤ When failed, a message notifying the failure will be displayed.

  Gas Fee to exchange the chain from Mainnet to Tornado will be paid by MIR4. Please check your circumstance for Gas Fee payment while proceeding with the Exchange.

Regardless of the end of the MIR4 Mainnet Exchange Service, all Dragonians can still access MIR4’s all blockchain-related content in XDRACO.

We ask for your huge participation.

Thank you.