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Patch Note

Patch Note - June 11th


From my battle to our war, MMORPG MIR4

Greetings, This is MIR4.

We’re excited to share the details of the update scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th, 2024.

◈Update Summary◈

1. Ringring's 28-Day Check-in Event

- Our adorable chubby Spirit, Ringring, has set various attendance milestones for all Dragonians! Earn additional rewards for every attendance milestone you reach!

2. Legendary Magic Stone Challenge Event

- The Legendary Magic Stone Challenge Event is back with another opportunity to obtain an elusive Legendary Magic Stone!

3. Piggio's Happy Recharge Event

- Join Piggio in his quest for Gold! Purchase packages that contain Gold in the Shop and enjoy Piggio's special rewards along the way.

4. New Legendary Party Leader Spirit: ‘Thunder Divine Dragon Toril’

- Embark on an adventure across the continent of Mir with the new legendary spirit 'Thunder Divine Dragon Toril,' who possesses a CRITical party leader skill that can be shared with party members.

[June 11th Patch Note Details]

■ Events

1.  ‘Ringring's 28-Day Check-in’ Event

※ Please refer to [Ringring's 28-Day Check-in Event] for further details.

2.  Legendary Magic Stone Challenge Event

※ Please refer to [Legendary Magic Stone Challenge Event] for further details.

3.  Piggio's Happy Recharge Event

※ Please refer to [Piggio's Happy Recharge Event] for further details.

■ Update Details

1. New Legendary Wind Attribute Party Leader Spirit ‘Thunder Divine Dragon Toril’

- Own Effect: CRIT 60

Skill Name
Skill Effect
Lightning Storm
Increases Max MP by 900, Spell DEF by 100, PHYS ATK by 100, and Spell ATK by 100
Electric Stimulus
Increases Accuracy by 80, CRIT by 100, and Antidemon Power by 10%, and reduces Skill MP Cost by 10%
Orb of the Thunder God
Increases Hunting EXP Boost by 20%, Hunting Copper Gain Boost by 15%, and Energy Gathering Boost by 10%
Clearsky Bolt
Upon attacking, there is a 10% chance to deal 100% PHYS ATK and Spell ATK as damage to nearby enemies and reduce their CRIT EVA by 100 for 6 seconds (Cooldown 60 sec)
[Party Leader] Raging Lightning
Upon attacking, increases the party's EVA by 40 and CRIT DMG Reduction by 30% for 15 seconds (Cooldown 60 sec)

2. Thunder Divine Dragon Toril Special Summon

- Legendary Party Leader Spirit ‘Thunder Divine Dragon Toril’ Special Summon begins!

- Special Summon Period: June 11th, 2024 Update ~ July 9th, 2024 Update

■ Bug Fixes & Gameplay Improvements

1. [Valley of Life and Death] Fixed an issue where the Season 5 ranking rewards for Valley of Life and Death were not distributed.

2. [Valley of Life and Death] Fixed an issue where the map for Valley of Life and Death was displayed abnormally. 

3. [Portal] Fixed an issue to sync the skill animation and impact registration for ‘Celestial Reaver’  in Fissured Secret Peak 11F.

4. [Shop] Changed the level requirement for purchasing 1+1 Gold products under the Product > Gold tab to characters Level 80 or above.

5. [Shop] Changed the purchase limit for regular Gold products under the Product > Gold tab to 4 times per account per month. 

6. The Source of some items have been updated.

7. Fixed various in-game typos.